Video Surveillance

For decades, video surveillance has been the part of a security solution that comes into play only after the fact. There’s been a loss or breach, and the security administrator goes through hours of video to find and review the incident.

Some facilities use real-time video monitoring, but it depends on a person, who’s watching several screens for hours at a time, recognizing that something is out of place.

Meanwhile, research shows that when people watch multiple screens for long periods of time, they lose concentration after 20 minutes and miss up to 95 percent of activity.

As losses have increased, facilities have deployed more and more cameras without hiring additional staff to monitor them, rendering the additional equipment less effective.

video surveillance

Video analytics technology changes the way the security industry thinks about video surveillance. Video is automatically analyzed to detect objects, examine appearance and movement, and identify unusual behavior. When these movement and behaviors are discovered in real-time, security staff can respond immediately, often preventing the loss of assets, damage to property or safety breach. The approach becomes proactive instead of reactive.

Even better, security staff doesn’t have to be sitting behind a bank of video monitors to see what’s happening. Alerts and clips can be pushed to any internet-enabled device, making security operations more mobile and easier to centralize across sites.

For example, imagine a large construction site. After work hours, a video surveillance system begins looking for people within a defined boundary. The system identifies a person in the no-zone and sends an alert with a video clip to the smartphone of the overnight guard who’s on the other side of the site. The guard is immediately able to see what’s happening and can respond appropriately.

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