Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring is critical for an effective fire or intrusion alarm system. Besides real time surveillance for an accident or incident, alarm monitoring also tracks systems to ensure proper function. Have the peace of mind that someone is monitoring your alarm systems continuously.     


  • Alarm immediately dispatches the call to the local fire department
  • Designated contact person alerted if alarm triggers
  • Can be synced with video surveillance

Fire Alarm

Intrusion Alarm

Video Surveillance

Benefits Of Alarm Monitoring

Optimal system function

Be certain that someone is keeping an eye on your fire or intrusion alarm system 24/7. Not only are you alerted if an event occurs, but alarm monitoring also tracks alarm function. For more comprehensive protection, integrate video monitoring with your alarm systems.

Immediate alert & fire station call

In the event of a fire, your alarm dispatches a call to the local fire department right away. Plus, you’re the first one to know as you get a real time alert as well. A qualified team of alarm monitors ensures your alarm systems are always working and ready.

Record keeping

Acomplis Technology Alarm Monitoring, comes with a complete digital record of alarm performance, monitoring, and inspection. Stay in compliance with the U.S. National Fire Alarm Code at all times.

Protect Your Home

Ensure Business Continuity

Leave it to the professionals

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