Wander Management

Acomplis Technology Wander Management solutions keep patients safe while minimizing your liability risk. The non-intrusive design puts patients and families at ease. Wander management instantly upgrades your care facility’s level of service and safety. 


  • Immediate elopement alert
  • Intelligent design improves patient satisfaction
  • Simple to use & highly effective

Nurse Call


Structured Cabling

Benefits Of Wander Management

Simple geofencing solution

With digital technology, patients can be kept safer than ever while maintaining the most natural setting possible. Keep everyone safer and at ease.

Reduce elopement risk

Limit the risk of elopement, falls, and access to restricted areas. Wander Management improves the ability of your facility to deliver the best care possible.

Mitigate against liability

Research shows that elopement is a major liability and can put residents in life-threatening situations. Make it better for everyone, including your risk profile.

Integrate with other solutions

When combined with Nurse Call, Wander Management can be part of a comprehensive patient safety strategy to improve satisfaction, reduce accidents, and boost profitability.

Monitor exits and other points of elopement

Protect residents from harmful environments

Leave it to the professionals

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