Video Surveillance

Acomplis Technology Video Surveillance protects you against any unauthorized intrusion into your facility or property. Advanced video analytics can detect people, vehicles, firearms, unusual movement, tampering, and more.  


  • Guaranteed video storage
  • Digital watermark verifies authenticity
  • Quick playback and review

Intrusion Alarm 

Access Control

Alarm Monitoring

Benefits Of Video Surveillance

Amplify your presence

Our custom video surveillance ensures you have maximum visual coverage of your property. Keep an eye on all your assets at all times.

Real time security risks alerts

Get real-time alerts of any suspicious or unauthorized activity that occurs at your facility. Timely alerts impact how you defend your property against criminal activity.

Protect yourself in court

Digital watermarks on video footage qualify it as official court evidence. Be proactive in prosecuting criminal activity and protect yourself from false claims.

Fully integrated protection

Video surveillance systems can be fully integrated into an end-to-end security system, which can include access control and intrusion alarm.

High-Definition Video

Experienced Technicians

Leave it to the professionals

Video surveillance important for businesses

Record Locally. View Centrally. Manage Remotely.

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