Nurse Call

Acomplis Technology Nurse Call solutions greatly enhance acute and long term care patient management. With the push of a button, patients can call immediately for help. The results are fewer falls, enhanced patient mobility, and improved quality of care.     

  • Intelligent call routing and triage
  • Improved patient satisfaction scores
  • Pendant & check-in program monitoring


Wander Management


Structured Cabling

Benefits Of Nurse Call

Boost patient satisfaction

By improving mobility and access to care, patients will be more independent without sacrificing safety. This boosts patient satisfaction, which benefits any facility’s bottom line.

Multifaceted approach

In addition to pendants for immediate nurse call, check-in programs and instant communication keep residents connected yet more autonomous. Plus, it’s fully customizable.

Ease of use

Acomplis Technology Nurse Call systems are easy to deploy and use. Both patients and staff will be pleased with the improvement in care quality and communication. Intelligent call routing and triage make it even easier.

Improved record keeping

Nurse Call systems provide healthcare facilities with reporting and alerting data to meet quality control requirements.

Easy to maintain technology

Rapidly alert caregivers

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