Situational Awareness

Alerts matter in facilities. Whether it’s a nurse call, active shooter, fire alarm or other alert, facility occupants need to take notice and respond efficiently and quickly.

Status Solutions’ SARA platform allows disparate alarm systems to communicate efficiently, ensuring alerts are delivered to those who need them most.

Reports provide building managers insight into their facility and response process.

However, the benefits of SARA aren’t limited to life-or-death situations. Nearly any scenario that requires monitoring, alerting and reporting can be addressed using SARA. With the right methodology and tools, any organization can use automated alerts to improve communication, workflow and service.

Young female medical worker using cell phone in clinic

Situational awareness can help everyone manage risk. These are just a few examples:

Senior Living

Imagine that a resident at a senior-living facility needs assistance. The resident is wearing a pendant-style mobile duress button, which provides mobility and a feeling of safety and comfort. Here are all the things SARA does when the resident presses the button:

  • The SARA Positioning System quickly locates the resident, allowing staff to respond without delay.
  • An alert is broadcast to staff members and escalated to management as response time increases.
  • A staff member uses SARA’s eMessenger to signal that he or she is taking responsibility for the call, allowing other staff to return to work.
  • Throughout the call, the initial alert and the staff’s response steps are logged, making it easy to keep records of incidents and review them to improve future responses.

SARA is used for critical events, too, such as a fire or intruder alert, to quickly disseminate a message to staff and residents.

Marketing staff leverage the voice of SARA to broadcast activity messages and communicate with residents via automated phone calls. The same technology that keeps residents informed in emergency situations becomes important for keeping residents connected to the community.

Maintenance also uses the system to monitor key facility equipment, such as coolers and freezers, preventing the loss of thousands of dollars of food and minimizing disruption to operations. Sensors also monitor the temperature of hot water and the chlorine concentration in the pool, alerting maintenance if either falls outside your defined parameters.

Health Care

SARA helps eliminate alarm fatigue by filtering nurse calls and bed alerts to the appropriate staff members. This allows facilities to ensure their personnel are used in the most efficient manner and providing the best level of care.

Reports give unit managers and healthcare administrators insight into the effectiveness of their care programs. Alarm history and average response time alerts help managers ensure adequate staffing and respond to complaints from patient and family members.

In mental health, substance abuse, and other at-risk areas, SARA protects staff with mobile duress buttons. A staff member who feels threatened can quickly press their pendant, and the SARA Positioning System will determine their location, relaying it to onsite security or other staff members to respond to their aide.

In case of fire, SARA quickly notifies staff of the origin of the alarm, allowing them to concentrate evacuation efforts in the right area of the facility.

Government and Public Safety

Within courthouses, SARA enhances the safety and security of judges, whether in the courtroom, their chambers or throughout the judicial complex.

A system of fixed and mobile alarms monitors the locations of judges and alerts authorities when help is needed. For example, in the courtroom or in chambers, a fixed panic button is installed under a judge’s bench or near his or her desk. The corridors leading to and from chambers and other secure areas are monitored with access control and motion detection systems. Alarms from these systems are disseminated by SARA to appropriate security staff.

A judge uses a mobile panic button that will locate him or her if assistance is needed in another location such as a parking garage or common area. Alerts are quickly and automatically delivered via radio to court security staff.

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