Electronic Access Control

With malicious activity on the rise, more organizations are implementing electronic access control systems to protect their employees, visitors, and assets from security breaches. Electronic access control systems give business owners, property managers, and civic organizations full control over who enters or exits a facility. These security systems also eliminate the headaches and delays associated with key distribution and upkeep, which enhances overall safety.

Access cards are programmed with specific credentials that govern who has access to what part of the facility and when. For example, an employee swipes his or her access card, which often takes the form of a company ID, to enter the building. The card reader analyzes stored identification information and allows or denies access based on the credentials assigned to that card.

using electronic card key for access

Card readers are not limited to building entrances or a single site. They can be placed on interior doors, gates, or equipment. Using web-based access management, administrators have full control over a facility’s security — even multiple sites — from any location and any internet-enabled device. This ensures that the right people have access to the right parts of the organization’s facilities at the right time. It also centralizes and standardizes security practices across all parts of an organization without impeding day-to-day operations.

Extensive reporting keeps a record of who has accessed any part of the building and when, as well as any attempts to enter that have been denied. Unlike traditional keys the security administrator can quickly suspend or revoke an employee’s access when necessary so his or her card will be immediately denied.

Electronic access systems are ideal for all types of organizations, including government and academic buildings, health care facilities, churches, airports, financial institutions and residential complexes.

Common components of an electronic access control system:

  • Card Readers
  • Key Cards
  • Key Fobs
  • Electronic Keypads
  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Request-to-Exit Sensors

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